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Conveyancing preparations post Lockdown

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Potential phased reopening of the deeds office

Whilst we are all exhaling a sigh of relief as President Ramaphosa announced the phased upliftment of the lockdown and inhaled a new sense purpose and readiness to “level – up”, finalisation of conveyancing transactions will most probably be delayed until South Africa reaches Level 3 of the Government’s risk adjusted strategy. Should the deeds office reopen during Level 4, only a percentage of staff will return to work and further delays can be expected. However, during Level 4, we will be able to prepare all the required documentation to speed up conveyancing transactions once the relevant institutions reopen.

Our staff can assist with the following:

  • Receiving and confirming new instructions.
  • Consultations with clients via Skype/Zoom/Teams.
  • Drafting and preparing agreements and transfer/bond documents.
  • Uploading of bond documents to the banks. Signing of documents will be permitted during Level 4 of the Government’s risk adjusted strategy.
  • Communication with clients and banks and other financial institutions via E-mail/Telephone (sending and receiving required documents and information).
  • Deed’s Office Searches and related queries.

As we wait with abated breath on when exactly we will be able to return to the “new normal”, we are preparing as best we can to serve you. You can be assured that our level and quality of service will only increase in these unprecedented times.

#Lockdown will not keep us from being YOUR PARTNER IN LAW. Our legal team is only a phone call away. Click here for our Attorney’s contact details.

Article by Inge Johnson, Attorney at Faure & Faure Inc. (contact@faurefaure.co.za)

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