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Meet Faure & Faure Inc. Candidate Attorneys, Stephan Viljoen, Demi-Lee Hendrikse and Unathi Mpikwa.

Faure & Faure Inc. welcomes our new Candidate Attorney, Stephan Viljoen, to our legal team.

Stephan Viljoen matriculated in Velddrif (West Coast). He graduated with a BCom Law degree in 2020 and LLB degree in 2021 from the North West University in Potchefstroom. Fun fact: Stephan always struggle to get up on Wednesday mornings.

Stephan is joining two Candidate Attorneys, Demi-Lee Hendrikse and Unathi Mpikwa at Faure & Faure Inc.

Unathi Mpikwa is originally from Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape. She matriculated from Sizimisele Secondary School in Cape Town in 2014. In 2019 she completed her LLB degree from UWC. Unathi joined the Faure & Faure Inc. team as a Candidate Attorney in 2021. Fun fact: The only thing that prevented Unathi to pursue a career as a professional basketball player is the fact that she is not tall enough.

Demi-Lee Hendrikse matriculated from Bloemhof Girls High in 2014. She graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2021 (LLB Degree) and joined the Faure & Faure Inc. team as a Candidate Attorney in 2021. Fun fact: Demi-Lee is an undercover scuba diver.

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