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Andrè Geldenhuys

Andrè Geldenhuys | Director | Faure & Faure Inc. Paarl. accident claims, injury, civil & commercial litigation, contracts, family, labour, criminal law

Andrè Geldenhuys



021 871 1200

Andrè Geldenhuys [Jnr] [B.Proc]

Andrè grew up in Paarl and completed his degree at the University of Port Elizabeth. He was employed by the Road Accident Fund from 1997 to 2001 where he handled and assessed third party claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents. He joined Faure & Faure in 2002 and was admitted as an Attorney in 2004. Andrè is responsible for motor vehicle accident claims, personal injury law, civil & commercial litigation, contracts, family law, labour matters, legal costs, criminal law as well as compensation for occupational injuries and diseases.


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