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Should you have your own Lawyer?

On a daily basis our clients are hard at work, engaged in a myriad of business activities, personal pursuits and relationships that have legal consequences. Our clients have misfortune and disputes, their children and family members have fights, accidents, collisions, break the law, sell, buy, divorce, retire, enter into employment, resign and unfortunately sometimes they...
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Moet ‘n boorgat geregistreer word, aldan nie?

Met die huidige heersende droogte in die Wes-Kaap, begin al hoe meer mense hulself te wend tot die boor van boorgate vir die gebruik van boorgatwater vir huishoudelike doeleindes.Die vraag ontstaan egter of ‘n persoon die boorgat by jou plaaslike munisipaliteit moet laat registreer, aldan nie? ‘n Persoon het nie toestemming van jou plaaslike munisipaliteit...
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Celebrating another successful adoption

Faure & Faure Inc.’s dynamic Family Law team was privileged to be a part of two successful adoptions finalised during the first part of 2018. We are proud of our positive contribution to these minor children’s lives and future. One of the adoption applications, recently finalised, was for a minor child who was removed from...
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