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South Africa’s 2018 word of the year was “land expropriation without compensation” and just as confusing as the fact that South Africa’s most used word is in fact four, so too is its content and consequences. After both Houses of Parliament resolved in December 2018 that the Constitution should be amended to expressly allow for...
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Corporal Punishment in Schools, what do we actually know?

It stands undisputed that the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (herein after called the Constitution) has championed the rights of children towards what can be regarded as a very progressive children’s rights framework. Post 1994 saw radical changes to the children’s rights framework, which previously, in the very least could be described as...
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Elections and the right to vote

We are on the eve of a general election: posters proclaiming political ideals and promises abound and the telephone polls have sprouted flimsy leaves that will fall off after all is said and done. The electorate is abuzz-who to vote for, who to support? What is to be? Will the sky fall? Which all got...
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Faure & Faure Inc. welcomes new staff members

Faure & Faure Inc. welcomes new staff members, Kuhle Unathi Majola and Darian Hock, to their legal team. Kuhle is originally from KwaZulu-Natal while Darian matriculated from Paarl Boys’ High. Darian also played fullback for UCT in FNB IKEYS Varsity Cup. Both Kuhle and Darian will complete their articles at Faure & Faure Inc. under...
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Budget Highlights 2019/2020

No major changes or surprises in the 2019/2020 Budget Speech. Individual Taxpayers should take note of the changes in their Personal Income Tax after their annual salary increase. There are no changes to Transfer Duty offering relief to property buyers.