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Conrad Coetzee

Conrad Coetzee | Senior Associate | Faure & Faure Inc Attorneys. Paarl.Commercial, criminal, labour law, civil litigation(Magistrate’s,Regional,High Court)

Conrad Coetzee

Senior Associate


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Conrad Coetzee [LLB]

Conrad completed his studies at the University of South Africa in 2012 and began his legal career as a candidate attorney at Cronje, De Waal – Skhosana Inc. in Secunda, Mpumalanga in 2008. He gained valuable knowledge and developed an interest in the field of commercial, criminal and labour law as well as civil litigation. During 2011 Conrad relocated to Paarl where he joined Faure & Faure to complete his articles in 2012. Conrad is responsible for litigation, family & marriage law and civil litigation in the Magistrate’s Court and High Court. He carries out legal work in the Magistrate’s Court, Regional Court and High Court and assists in debt collecting. Conrad makes a valuable contribution in pro-bono work when the opportunity arises. For the past two years he serves as a rugby coach at Labori High School. Conrad is also passionate about the game of golf and spends his free time as an active member of Wellington Golf Club.

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