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Marelize Meintjes [LLB]

Marelize Meintjes matriculated from Paarl Gymnasium High School and completed her LLB degree at the University of Stellenbosch. She served her articles at Herold Gie Attorneys in Cape Town, whereafter she moved back to Paarl and joined the Faure and Faure Inc. team. Marelize was admitted as an Attorney in February 2012 and as a Conveyancer and Notary in 2014. She specialises in Family Law. Marelize is also a member of FAMAC and an accredited Family Mediator. As a mother of three, Marelize has a passion for children. She is involved in community projects in both Paarl and Wellington, focused mainly on children. In her spare time Marelize enjoys drinking too much good coffee, running, traveling, and judging debating competitions.

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